First Things First!

At Airsoft Anarchy we believe it is important to put down in writing what professional standards we want to deliver and also what standards we expect of our players and anybody else taking part in an Airsoft Anarchy event. If we put these things in print everybody knows what to expect and what is expected of them. Most of these things seem obvious, but putting them in print means we all have a clear picture.

On this page you will find the rules we operate by as a company and both the Marshals and the Players Charter. These are the standards that we agree to operate by.

Introduction to Airsoft and the Principle of Integrity

Airsoft is not just a game. Airsoft is a whole experience and the sport of Airsoft can change your life for the better if you allow it. Why? Because you make friends and contacts, you learn about teamwork, discipline and self-discipline. You become a better equipped person and you form part of a tight-knit group.

Airsoft is a simulated military combat game played with replica firearms that fire pellets by means of compressed gas. Participants however need to have a sense of honour, integrity and honesty in order for the game to work. Unlike in Paintball, which it loosely resembles, Airsoft does not leave a paint splatter on the player being hit.

In Airsoft the hits taken by players require the player being hit by the pellets to himself/herself admit to being hit since there is no other way to tell if a player has been hit.

At all costs we try to avoid having players in the game who tend to avoid admitting to being hit, because they detract from everybody’s enjoyment of the day.

When players do not acknowledge pellet hits, the sense of trust fails and the game starts falling apart, ruining the experience, and fun for everyone involved from the participants to the spectators and marshals.

It is your responsibility as a player to ensure you show good judgement and you have integrity to acknowledge when you have been hit by a pellet and that you are also vigilant and willing to tell other players nearby they have been hit in situations where they were unable to detect it.


Our Company Rules
Eye Protection and General Safety Rules

Obviously eye protection must be worn at all times when Airsoft players are outside of safe zones. The eye protection must also be suitable for use in Airsoft and be worn correctly. Incorrect wear could result in the loss of an eye.

It is recommended that you wear long sleeve tops, trousers and hard closed shoes.


Reasonable Behaviour

The same social rules as one finds within the rest of society applies in Airsoft Anarchy premises and events. Do not be anti-social. This applies to smoking and swearing habits especially.

If you feel someone is not playing by the rules, inform a Marshal and describe the guilty party to the marshal. Never personally take action against a player and risk breaking the rules as this can lead to conflict between you and the player in question whilst running the risk of receiving a warning.

Marshals will take random honesty shots at players throughout the day. Any players that have been reported for breaking the rules in terms of not acknowledging hits on them will also be honesty shot.

If you pass an honesty shot you will be allowed to remain in play and you will be told why you have been tested. Should you fail the honesty shot, a warning will be recorded against your name.

We appreciate the difference between aggressive play and aggressive posturing. However, please respect all players in and out of your team when playing. Everyone has different levels of tolerance and involvement.

Please do not litter on Airsoft Anarchy premises.


Three Warnings

The violation of any rules will result in the implementation of our three warnings rule. These three warnings are:

1st Warning – A verbal warning.

2nd Warning – Removal from the current game.

3rd Warning – Removal from entire event (and a possible suspension).



Suspensions are applied to participants who either regularly break the rules and have had three warnings or it can be applied to a player who displays gross negligence with regards to safety or who purposefully injures another participant, spectator or marshal.

Suspensions can be applied as seen fit by the Disciplinary Committee. Suspensions can be days long, weeks long, months long or indefinite.


Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee consists out of five members. Two members are selected by club members and the other three include the organiser and two members selected by him/her. Suspensions are ordered by a simple majority vote.

Our AA Charter
The Airsoft Anarchy Marshal Charter:

As an Airsoft Anarchy Marshal I agree that:

  • I will address and treat all players with respect.
  • I will act on all violation reports and pass them to AA Management Team for action.
  • I will take reasonable steps make sure feedback is passed back to anybody who reports a violation.
  • I will keep myself informed of AA rules and abide by them.
  • I will be identifiable as a marshal, typically by wearing a hi-visibility marshal’s vest.
  • If I am acting as a marshal, I will be a marshal until the end of the game. In other words, I will not become a player in that game having once acted as a marshal.
  • I will not take test shots without the approval of the Lead Marshal.
The Airsoft Anarchy Players Charter:

As an Airsoft Anarchy Player I agree that:

  • I will keep myself informed of the AA rules and abide by them.
  • I will keep my on-line membership profile up to date and accurate.
  • I will play fair and play safe.
  • I will follow the lawful directions of AA Staff.

In addition, for everybody that visits an Airsoft Anarchy event we expect that:

  • You will not become involved in criminality whilst on site.
  • You will not engage in acts of personal aggression.
  • You will act in a safe and reasonable manner at all times.
  • You will follow the lawful directions of AA Staff.
Our Airsoft Rules

The violation of any rules will result in the implementation of our three warnings rule. These three warnings are:

1st Warning – A verbal warning.

2nd Warning – Removal from the current game.

3rd Warning – Removal from entire event (and a possible suspension).


The Rules
  • It is your responsibility to make the player who has scored a hit on you aware of your status, not theirs.
  • If you are struck by a pellet, shout “hit!”, raise your hand, stand up and start waving your red ‘death rag’ or use your hand to signal.
  • Death rags are recommended, but not compulsory and must only be red and large enough to be identified easily.
  • Please allow eliminated players a chance to remove their death rag, raise their hand and to compose themselves after elimination. When the player calls “hit!” raises their hand, or exposes their death rag, stop engaging that player immediately.
  • If a player has not made their in-game status clear with a death rag or arm clearly raised, then they are classified as still active
  • Your equipment is all an extension of your body. If any of these are hit, so are you. Direct pellet hits to your weapon however, do not count as hits.
  • The Medic rules require a white bandage or rag to be applied to their arm in order to qualify to revive a dead player.
  • Players may only communicate with a medic after being hit. They may not communicate with anybody else.
  • ‘Bleed-out’ occurs if you are waiting for a medic and are not attended to within two minutes or whatever time is decided on in the event.
  • You may not bleed-out prior to these two minutes having passed, because this gives your team an unfair advantage as you can respawn too soon.
  • A grenade will instantly kill every player within a 5m (15ft) radius, unless those players are behind hard cover.
  • With reference to the grenade rules, if you were waiting for a medic and you are within the danger area of a grenade attack you are now considered dead.
  • Knife kills must be conducted with soft rubber/foam knives. To achieve a knife kill you must tap your opponent on the back or shoulder, and whisper “knife kill”. Do not stab your opponent and do not throw the knife. If you get knife killed you do not call out “hit!”. You are instantly dead with no bleed-out period and you immediately return to re-spawn.
  • Head shots are discouraged but allowed only if there is no other part of a player visible. Military guidelines apply in that you always shoot at the biggest visible mass of the player you are attempting to hit.
  • The ‘bang rule’ is not used at Airsoft Anarchy. Please take shots at close range at the torso of your opponent and avoid taking head shots.
  • Weapons must be kept unloaded at all times unless instructed to ‘lock and load’ by a Marshal. This command will almost always be given directly prior to the start of a game or on a designated firing range and is the only acceptable command.
  • Firing of any weapon is prohibited within Safe Zones.
  • You are not permitted to use any 0.12g or low quality pellets. Only plastic or similar pellets are allowed.
  • Whenever a participant fires his/her weapon, that player should never fire the weapon blindly. At all times a player should be looking through- or over the sights of the weapon he/she is using. Firing blindly is unsportsmanlike and could be dangerous as you do not know where your pellets will end up.
  • Please make AA Staff aware of any pertinent medical conditions prior to the day’s gaming.
  • The “Man-down” call is reserved for real World injuries or emergencies. “Man Down” is the only acceptable command to be used. Please only use this if someone is actually hurt or injured to prevent the command not being taken seriously due to false alarms.
  • Eye protection must be suitable for use and worn properly. Any excessive gaps around the edges or improper wearing will result in that player being removed from play on the grounds that he/she neglected to apply acceptable safety standards and for their safety.
  • Full face protection is recommended but is not a requirement.
  • No magazines are allowed on weapons in Safe Zones. This includes magazines holstered pistols.
  • All participants will be required to subject their weapons to random chronographing.
  • Humour is welcome as long as it never compromises safety.

Should you chose to ignore these recommendations, you automatically exclude yourself from any claims and liabilities you might have intended to direct against Airsoft Anarchy or its owners.



Remember: If in doubt ask.

Our Gun Rules

We expect everyone to ensure they are within the limits set by the site before playing. This is to ensure safe and fair play for everyone, ignorance is not an excuse and can be potentially dangerous. Chronographs are available for use from site opening to close.


D M R & FIXED SUPPORT: 370 fps (Minimum Engagement Distance 25m)
SINGLE SHOT SNIPER RIFLE: 500 fps (Minimum Engagement Distance 25m)

Please note that we allow a 15% variance in Joule for Energy creep. Should your rifle or pistol chronograph at >15% above the above energy (Joule) value with a heavier BB intended, use in game it will not be allowed.

  • We have no rules on support weapons
  • We have no rules on ammo
  • We have no rules on bursts
  • ‘Overkill’, we take seriously and will result in the strike violation.
Our Airsoft Waiver



In consideration of participating in the SPORT OF AIRSOFT I represent, that I understand the nature of the Activity and that I am qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such Activity. I acknowledge that if I believe event conditions are unsafe, I will immediately discontinue participating in the Activity.

I fully understand that this Activity involves risks of serious bodily injury, Including permanent disability, paralysis and death, which may be caused by my own actions, or inactions, of others participating in the event, the conditions in which the event takes place, or the negligence of the “releases” named below; and that there may be other risks either not known to me or not readily foreseeable at this time; and I fully accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs and damages I incur as a result of my participation in the Activity.

I hereby release, discharge, and covenant not to sue AIRSOFT ANARCHY, its respective Administrators, Directors, Agents, Officers, Volunteers, and Employees, other participants, any Sponsors, Advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises on which the Activity takes place, (each considered one of the “RELEASES” herein) from all liability, claims, demands, losses, or damages on my account caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence or the “Releases” or otherwise, including negligent rescue operations; and I further agree that if, despite the release, waiver of liability, and assumption of risk I, or anyone on my behalf, makes a claim against any of the Releases, I will indemnify, save and hold harmless each of the releases from any loss, liability, damage, or cost which any may incur as the result of such claim

I have read this RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it and have signed it freely and without any inducement and assurance of any nature and intend it be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law and agree that if any portion of this agreement is held to by valid the balance, notwithstanding, shall continue in full force and effect.

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Printed Name of Participant

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